Now with More Green

Since 2007, I’ve been using Hostgator as my web hosting provider. I followed them through every senseless domain name change over the past four years, preferring their relatively low pricing and fantastic server features. That was great, of course, and I really have no complaints. Toward the end of last year, though, I started looking for something a bit more…green. After a long time in the wilderness (oh god, the puns), I found a solution. This month, I’ve officially moved my websites over to A Small Orange. They’re a green-powered web host that really resonates with my tree-hugging, Democrat-electing personality.

All of the servers offered by the company are powered by wind! Wind. They’re 500 percent wind-powered, in fact. Not nuclear power that can set a whole country on edge (poor Japan) or fossil fuels that will eventually run out and leave us all scraping by in a cloud of hunger-induced dust. No, the hosting products offered by my new web host are powered entirely by renewable energy sources, and it helps me sleep a lot better at night when I think about it.

In addition to this, the company’s hosting plan is half the cost of what I was paying at Hostgator. I don’t even know how that’s possible, but it’s something I enjoy. An entirely eco-friendly web hosting solution that costs less than one based on fossil fuels? Yes, please.

I know this sounds like an advertisement, but I’m really enthusiastic about green things. If you’re into green hosting, do check out A Small Orange. Alternatively, check out GreenGeeks or SuperGreenHosting. I’m not a corporate shill, just an environmentalist (sometimes), so get your ass in gear and stop blogging with petrochemicals.