October 31st, 2012

Well, this is certainly not going to be a stretch of time that I will soon forget. Over the past few days, I’ve been smack in the middle of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath, close to the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean where the storm was once expected to make landfall. Thankfully, we narrowly missed a direct hit from Hurricane Sandy (or Superstorm Sandy, depending who you ask) as it made landfall around Atlantic City, about 30 miles to our north.

Surprisingly, we only lost power for a few moments as the storm went through. We watched, thankfully with lamps on and movies playing, as limbs and campaign signs flew down the street and past our balcony windows. We experienced wind that sounded like a barrage of bombs, with the occasional gust that “BOOMED” our apartment throughout the past few days and nights. Surprisingly, we made it out large unscathed but with a bathtub full of water and a kitchen pantry full of canned goods.

Unfortunately, New York and New Jersey did not fare very well. And that’s where things get really, really sad. My childhood, as well as that of my friends, family members, and my significant other, is deeply rooted in the areas hardest hit by the storm. We spent summers in Brigantine, Long Beach, Atlantic City, Coney Island, and more. We took the subways through Manhattan to Brooklyn, enjoyed the sights, sounds and restaurants of Lower Manhattan, and looked forward to summers on the Jersey Shore.

The devastation wrought by this storm is heartbreaking to look at. It’s like seeing an entire childhood and young adulthood washed away. And we all can’t help but feel extremely sad for those whose homes and livelihoods were sent out to sea. K and I feel extremely lucky to have missed the worst of this storm, and we’ll be doing our best to help those who haven’t fared nearly as well.

October 23rd, 2012

Such needy cats!! Stop working, PET ME!

Such needy cats!! Stop working, PET ME!

I Must Have Holiday

October 22nd, 2012

It’s late October and that means Halloween is just around the corner. Who cares? Not me. You know what’s around the corner from Halloween? Thanksgiving and Christmas. These two holidays represent my favorite non-summer time of year, and I’m getting a little antsy for their arrival.

Perhaps this was prompted by a weekend trip to visit Special K’s family back in eastern Pennsylvania — a venture which has made me pretty excited to see my own family for the first time in almost four months when Thanksgiving does finally arrive. And arrive it will — exactly one month from today.

Following Thanksgiving, which this year involves a visit to both my hometown and my significant other’s hometown, we’ll be waiting anxiously for the next big day. CHRISTMAS! Christmas itself falls exactly one month from the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It’s a one-two punch of awesome.

Anyway, this entry serves no real point other than to initiate my 30 Day Countdown to Turkey and Stuffing 2012. And, because my grandmother’s stuffing is the stuff (pardon the pun) that legends are made of, you can bet your ass I’ll be counting down.

Plus, there’s sweet potatoes. And corn. And turkey. And pumpkin pie. And mashed potatoes. And pumpkin roll. And ten thousand calories of classic American gluttony.

Long live freedom!

The Bush Factor

October 17th, 2012

I once tried to do something pretty edgy. I dated a Republican. It was a really tough thing to do and, in the end, it just didn’t progress beyond the initial going-on-a-few dates phase. The guy was kind of an asshole, but also, he was a vocal defender of The George Bush, and I really thought he might be crazy. This was toward the end of Bush’s Reign of Incompetence, when even the staunchest Republicans were running away from the very notion that he had ever been president.

This year, this electoral cycle, I am happily in a relationship with a left-leaning member of a teacher’s union who is committed to voting for the Obama-Biden ticket. We’ve been mildly paying attention to the race, largely to size up the opposition. Also because I make us pay attention: I’m far more political than my significant other is.

One of the questions that Special K has had throughout this election, that Romney has never had to answer, is: “How, exactly, are you unlike George W. Bush?” The biggest concern held by my significant other is that Mitt Romney is in fact a third Bush term. Because we both remember the kind of disaster wrought on this country and others by Bush policies, it’s a major concern. In the words of Special K: “I just think that if Mitt Romney gets elected, everything will go back to how it was under Bush and we can’t have that.”

So it was refreshing — and enlightening — when an attendee of this week’s town hall debate between the candidates asked Mittens Romney how he would differ from the policies enacted by the Bush administration. Romney’s answer was long and winding, sort of like his Mormon religion, but it boiled down to this: I am not like George Bush. I am more extreme than George Bush. And you’re going to regret asking that question.

Obama rightly pointed this out. The Republican Party has, in the past four years, been determined to shoot down Obama’s initiatives. They have developed no new ideas of their own and, as such, are dependent upon the resurrection of the Bush Doctrine. But this time, it will be more aggressive, more conservative, more severe, and far more punishing.

That’s the choice that we face this November. Do we want an even more extreme Bush presidency, or do we want to give Obama four more years to correct course, reinvigorate economic growth, and show us the real progress that results from Democratic policies?

As far as this Blue State household is concerned, we cannot afford anything other than a second Obama-Biden term. And we intend to vote early in the morning for just such an outcome, three weeks from now.

October 13th, 2012

MexiCoke, mmmm.

MexiCoke, mmmm.