November 26th, 2012

This weekend, thanks to Korey and Wikipedia, I learned that Easton is home to a ginormous candle during the holiday season. In fact, it's the largest non-wax candle in the world. AKA the largest non-candle candle. Oh, Pennsylvania.

This weekend, thanks to Korey and Wikipedia, I learned that Easton is home to a ginormous candle during the holiday season. In fact, it's the largest non-wax candle in the world. AKA the largest non-candle candle. Oh, Pennsylvania.

Thanksgiving 2012

November 22nd, 2012

The time has come to celebrate one of my all-time favorite holidays. Thanksgiving ranks highly because there’s so very much food, so very many amazing desserts (hey, my family can REALLY cook and bake), and so many things that are worth reflecting on and giving thanks for. Thus, in celebrated Vintage tradition, I give you the 11th Annual Thanksgiving Post of Things I’m Thankful For.

1. My Job

I was thankful for my job last year, and I’ll remain so this year. It isn’t always easy to own and operate a business singlehandedly, but I do manage. I do this even as the American economy remains rocky, although now firmly in a (very slow) recovery. Unemployment remains high and the prospects of improvement remain murky. In a climate like this, any job is a good job, and any work is dignity. So, thank god I am employed and able to fund my lavish lifestyle.

2. The Obama Reelection and Liberal Resurgence

Things really did look grim for America’s liberals and its Democratic Party just a year ago. But here we are, about to celebrate Thanksgiving, and gearing up for the second inauguration ceremony for one Barack H. Obama. Yay! With gay marriage equality advancing and Democrats cementing their Senate majority, things are looking good for me, my family, and my friends.

3. The “Family”

I am of course thankful for my family — parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins (one, in particular, who just recently underwent surgery for a brain tumor) — but I am also thankful for MY “family,” or the beginnings of one. Sure, we’ve had our share of fights (whether it’s one of us saying something mean, or a certain cat trying to eat the window treatments), but we’ve gotten though those things. With more good days than bad, we decided to take a big step forward this year and split our winter holidays between our two extended families. Love is good.

4. My Friends

Bad days at work, bad fights at home, and bad drivers during the commute, are all easy to conquer when you have a good network of friends. I am, as always, thankful for my closest friends and the way that they so effortlessly and notably elevate the quality of my life. I could not do all that I do without that type of love and support. Simple as that.

Go Be Thankful for Something!

Everyone has something to be thankful for, and there is no better day than today to give thanks and appreciate all that this year has brought with it. And then go get some dessert. And then line up for the $78 LED TV that goes on sale at 10 p.m. See you all in line!

November 18th, 2012

Kitten cuddles! Hahah.

Kitten cuddles! Hahah.

November 16th, 2012

The whoopie pies.

Pumpkin whoopie pies. I am a phenomenal baker…

Four More Years!

November 7th, 2012

When the campaigning for president originally began, about two years ago, America was a very different place. Obama hadn’t lived up to the progressive ideals that he had sold to his voters in 2008 and, two years later, Republicans swept to power in the House of Representatives with the single largest gain of seats in the nation’s history. It was a sad time to be a Democrat, and an even worse time to be an Obama supporter. I changed my party affiliation from Democratic to Green.

But something happened over the course of these past two years that has taken virtually everyone by surprise. Obama somehow managed to find his progressive voice again. With it, he found a clear path back into the White House where he has been given a mandate to raise taxes on top earners, tackle global warming, pass the DREAM Act, reform immigration policies, and reduce the deficit while preserving social welfare programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Along with Obama’s victories, gay marriage was approved in three states, while a fourth voted to keep an anti-marriage amendment out of the state’s constitution. In two sates, marijuana was legalized for recreational use. America clearly made a left turn in 2012, and it’s absolutely thrilling to experience.

I voted for Obama this year, and I did so with great enthusiasm. K and I went to the polls bright and early, waited in a 20-minute line, and cast our vote for equality, liberalism, sound fiscal policy, and strong foreign policy. We voted Obama-Biden and so did 51 percent of the rest of the country. All told, this supposed “nail-biter” of an election saw Obama win 332 electoral votes, and he is only the third president in the past 100 years to win the popular vote for both of his presidential terms.

The USA is not a perfect country and our political system is still badly broken. So is our economy. So are our immigration policies. So is our budget. But the path to fixing all of those things clearly runs through the Obama administration, and not through Mitt “47 Percent” Romney’s campaign promises. It’s refreshing to see another underwhelming Republican, corporate shill cast away like the joke he truly was.

Four more years!