A More Mobile Vintage

I published my first blog post here at Vintage in 2001, a time when the average screen resolution was a mere 1024×768 and smartphones were nothing more than a sci-fi concept. Times have changed, and the blog has slowly been redesigned and adapted to meet those changes. From increasing design widths to Web 2.0 compatibility and social media integration, Vintage has been through the ringer. Now it’s going a step further.

For the First Time, the Blog is Mobile and Retina-Friendly

My friends, family, and colleagues can now enjoy a much better and more robust experience using this website on their smartphones and tablet devices. Smartphones are treated to a responsive, single-column, touch-friendly design. Modeled after the desktop version of the site, this new design uses retina graphics for iPhone and iPod Touch users, and standard graphics for the less privileged.

For my friends and family members with an iPad, the full version of the website will load. Retina graphics will be used for those with the iPad 3 or 4, while all iPad users will enjoy a streamlined, touch-friendly experience. Other slight design modifications have been made specifically for the iPad as well, including a new background image for smaller screens. Retina graphics will also display on retina-enabled Macs!

Users of all devices will benefit from a new, streamlined navigation, an improved search experience, and other code clean-ups. Overall, it’s a fresher, more 2013 experience. And, to make the point, this entire entry has been posted via the WordPress app on a brand new iPad 4.

Happy (mobile) new year!