Recent Things and Such and Etc.

I have this whole thing going on lately where the prominence of my busy workdays, involved personal life, and general pursuit of happiness (like an American!) has left me roughly three minutes each day with which to craft a blog post. Everyone knows that these masterpieces I create involve at least seven minutes of work, and therefore I haven’t even bothered. The good news is that I am now bothering, largely because my guilt has kicked right on in. This post, long overdue, features some quick-hit commentary on recent developments that merited a full post, but won’t freaking get one. Deal with this fact.

Earth’s Next Top Pope: Season 2

Like all people from predominantly Christian countries around the world, I was stunned to see on morning television that the pope had decided to step down from his post and commit to a life of seclusion from the real world (again). That’s mostly because I forgot there was a pope, or that anyone in the media still went to church. Also, the last pope to step down did so when America’s population was still dancing in circles around campfires, so this was quite surprising.

My hope is that Earth’s Next Top Pope will be more gay-friendly and maybe he’ll even come to the conclusion that women are equal to men. Basically, it would be nice if the next pope boldly embraced the cutting-edge policies of 1843. A boy can dream! Or repent, lots, because this boy is probably going to hell after these two paragraphs.

Even Outer Space Hates Russia

Or maybe it doesn’t. Like most people who aren’t Russian, my first thought this morning was that outer space had finally HAD IT with Russia (and its USSR former self) proliferating of anti-US, anti-gay, anti-not-Russia propaganda like it’s been doing for at least two centuries. Then I realized that Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house. Then I read that the meteor exploded in eastern Russia. Now I think outer space actually overshot a bit.

I Had No Idea that Phones Could Run

I’m not really the world’s most avid mobile gamer, so forgive me: When did these “run” games start becoming awesome? I had heard of “Temple Run” before, but had never bothered to do any research into it. Lately, I have been addicted to Temple Run and Angry Gran Run. The first takes place on the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple, and the second involves an angry granny running through the streets of New York punching the crap out of joggers. SIGN ME UP. Side note: Any readers who have iOS and use GameCenter can find me at DBRGR86, and I invite you to friend me and compete with my achievements / points.

It’s Been Real

I’m done. This post is already well beyond the standard I had originally set for it. I’ll be back next time the world almost blows to hell, or when the Catholic Church elects the successor to its Hitler Youth Pope. Goodbye.