Embrace Your Inner Pink

There’s something magical about pink, isn’t there? I mean, it’s this color that is kind of controversial, especially when you use a neon shade of it as a male. I am male, and this is now a pink blog. So, call up Page Six and alert the Daily News, Vintage has a scandal on its hands!

I just thought that, after 12 years of designing mostly blue blogs, I would try my hand at something a bit edgier. I’ve always had this seriously great relationship with pink because I think that it really is the best color ever. Right? I mean, a guy wears pink and you go “that’s a confident guy” and you feel good. Or you go “that’s a gay guy” and you feel comforted, because gay guys are friendly. Usually. Or you see a dog wearing pink and you go, “that owner is totally spoiling their dog.”

The message pink sends is one of confidence, individuality, and just a touch of spoiled. If there is a better color to describe the very essence of my being, I have yet to find it. But you can bet if (or when) I do, it’ll be Vintage’s primary color.

Also, check out that Philadelphia skyline. That’s what my soul looks like inside, I am pretty sure. Anyway, enjoy the new design. It’s near and dear to my (probably pink) heart. Certainly, it matches my pink sweater. One of them, anyway.



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