Departure Announcement: So Long, Delaware

For the past two years, K and I have resided in the state of Delaware. The state variously bills itself as a “small wonder” and the “first state.” The road signs that greet visitors along Delaware’s borders note that “it’s good being first.” The problem, though, is that for the past two years Korey and I have felt that Delaware was not the first, but more the last, place that we wanted to live for a prolonged period of time.

We were both raised in neighboring Pennsylvania, a large, influential, and wealthy state with large urban centers and forward-thinking residents. It was only after we moved to Delaware that we realized this “small wonder” was indeed quite small, but not quite as wonderful as the tourism slogans would have most people believe. We were greeted with small-minded, anti-gay behavior within our first few months here. The math curriculum taught by my significant other gave him fits and virtually prohibited him from using his most impressive educational talents.

On top of it all, my pursuit of a marketing position was hampered by the relatively small size of Delaware and the large commuting distance between this city and Wilmington, in the northern part of the state. The distance between ourselves and our friends made for some very boring times on occasion, and we realized that our interests would best be served by relocating back to the Keystone State that allowed us to become the “arrogant” “snobs” that so many people here perceive us to be.

For the past several months, K has been applying for teaching positions in southeastern Pennsylvania and I have been making the preparations needed to relocate my business back to our native part of the country. It is with a great deal of pride that I can announce K’s hiring at Downingtown School District. We will be departing Delaware in August to be closer to our friends, our families, and our professional goals.

Delaware was never seen as a long-term option for either of us, but our departure from this “first state” is sooner than originally planned. Even so, it’s an exciting time for us both and we can’t wait to settle into our new home in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.



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