Musically Speaking, Part 3

As summer progresses, some of my favorite bands are (or will be) releasing new singles, new albums, and a whole bunch of summer-like goodness. That means it’s time for another edition of Musically Speaking, the series of music-theme blog posts that I am pretty sure are read by no one. But who cares!

“Beautiful Day” by Michael Bublé

I’m not really a Bublé fan, and in fact I’ve called him “Mike Bubble” before, totally in a mocking tone. Even so, “Beautiful Day” is a catchy song that just about anyone can like. Furthermore, when I listen to this work of art, I envision what a beautiful day it will be when we cross that Delaware state line into Pennsylvania one last time. It makes me smile. And isn’t that the point, Mr. Bubble?

“In the Future” by Architecture in Helsinki

Ah, there’s nothing quite like a new Architecture in Helsinki song after years of drought. I’ve been roughing it, listening to “Moment Bends” during my morning 5K while hoping incessantly for a new work of art from this Aussie wonder. Finally, “In the Future” is here. Though I have no idea if this means a new AIH album is imminent, what I do know is that there are few bands that can produce electropop goodness as well as this band. Enjoy.

“Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend

I’ve long said that Vampire Weekend has just the right amount of inherent snobbery for me to be a fan. This Columbia-University-inspired snob rock is just what the doctor ordered for days when you feel a bit more intelligent and philosophical than your peers. VW’s latest single, “Diane Young,” is a bit darker than the Vampire Weekend of years past. Even so, it’s a refreshing jolt of newness during a time when their prior two albums were starting to seem a bit stale to me — perhaps on account of overplaying them. But still.