Pennsylvania Welcomes You

It’s moving day in the Mid-Atlantic! After months of job searching, interviewing, succeeding, and packing, the time has come for K and I to pack the moving truck and drive north. The big move has finally arrived, and we’re more than ready to move into our new home in the Main Line community of Devon, PA.

As has been stated before in this blog, our renewed appreciation for the benefits of Pennsylvania living occurred only after our time in neighboring, hellish Delaware. It is with a renewed spirit of progress, optimism, and proactivity, that we move to Pennsylvania and expect to finally establish a life and a permanent residence for ourselves.

Of course, we’re also excited to be closer to our families and friends; we’re really glad to once again be close to the Jersey shore, and we’re stoked to have the entire city of Philadelphia at our feet.

It’s just so good to be home.