The Holiday Spirit: A New Take

This Christmas, I’ve been stressing out because I have no gift ideas for my family, for Korey, or even for myself. Over the past few years, we’ve seemingly acquired all we need — clothes, electronics, smartphones, and more. This is distressing. What do I give? What do I ask for? Should I abandon all hope and stop celebrating the holiday altogether? It’s already a bit hypocritical of me to partake in this holiday anyway, given my atheist beliefs (or lack of beliefs entirely)! Is this poetic justice?

As happens from time to time, or entirely too often, I had a moment of pre-sleep clarity the other evening. I realized that perhaps the lack of any needs — indeed, the lack of any wants — this holiday season is actually the gift I’m seeking. After years of collegiate turmoil and starting my own business and building a firm foundation, I’ve found myself with a comfortable life and enjoyable, stable surroundings. I have a loving family, an amazing better half, a home in the most bucolic of wealthy, Main Line settings, a growing list of clients at the business I own, and ever-improving skills across the board.

In the New Year, I intend to pursue further studies in the law and enact a career change. I intend to continue paying down debts, learning more about digital marketing even as I pursue other educational options, and continue strengthening the relationships that add character to my life.

Why should I ask for anything else? Isn’t that just greedy? So many people exist on a daily basis without any family at all, without friends to enrich their lives, without someone to love them in even the most banal of life’s moments. But I don’t. At least, not this year. And for this reason, I don’t really require gifts. Maintaining the gifts already present in my life, whether aquired by hard work, money, or chance, just seems to be enough in 2013. And I’m fine with that.

Besides, the sales on sweaters are better after Christmas, anyway.



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