What a Letdown!

Maybe I watch too much TV and too many movies, but I had expected my life to come to this moment where I proposed to the love my life and there were automatic fireworks, a national holiday, a ticker tape parade…alas, that didn’t happen. So, you know, my gayish tendency toward theatrics was a bit disappointed that the world didn’t appropriately prepare for the moment last weekend when I dragged Korey to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, dazzled him with a smartphone-based slideshow of our best moments and messages from the earliest days of our relationship, and followed it all with the BIG question.

Because he said yes! And that means there should at least have been a parade. I guess it’s true, what they say: If you want it done right, do it yourself.

So anyway, now we’re engaged. And that’s big and important and exciting. Our families are happy, our friends are planning the centerpieces at the wedding, and…ok, our cats don’t care. But I can pretend they do. We’re not planning on actually tying the knot until 2016, so this will be roughly a two-year engagement. Gives us plenty of time to plan and whatnot.

I’m not actually sure where this blog post is going, other than to announce this news officially to the four eskimos who read my blog during the warm season. But I’ve always shared the big milestones with this blog, for nearly 15 years now, and it felt imperative to keep with tradition this time as well. Keep an eye here for more details, as well as our official wedding site. And I promise not to make every new post here about the wedding for the next two years. But some will be. So deal with it.