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  • The Solid Northeast

    The Solid Northeast

    You know, K and I aren’t really “pride people.” We’re just not that kind of gay. You won’t find us carrying the sea-to-sea Key West pride flag, or attending the Philly Pride parade, or dancing on a float, or anything like that. We’re totally proud of who we are, and we’re glad that we were […]

  • Talent is Talent

    Talent is Talent

    A couple months ago, when Michael Sam publicly came out, there were all kinds of theories about how this would affect his future. The consensus was this: Coming out was “controversial,” and it clearly indicated that Sam was desperate for publicity. It showed that he was selfish, determined to break a barrier just for the […]

  • Days Like Today

    Days Like Today

    There is a certain naive hope among Americans, or probably among the larger human species, that days like today just stop happening. That bombs stop going off, that innocent people stop losing their lives for causes and derangements that are foreign both in spirit and in nature. As it seems to go with life, though, […]