Embrace Your Inner Pink

March 23rd, 2013

There’s something magical about pink, isn’t there? I mean, it’s this color that is kind of controversial, especially when you use a neon shade of it as a male. I am male, and this is now a pink blog. So, call up Page Six and alert the Daily News, Vintage has a scandal on its hands!

I just thought that, after 12 years of designing mostly blue blogs, I would try my hand at something a bit edgier. I’ve always had this seriously great relationship with pink because I think that it really is the best color ever. Right? I mean, a guy wears pink and you go “that’s a confident guy” and you feel good. Or you go “that’s a gay guy” and you feel comforted, because gay guys are friendly. Usually. Or you see a dog wearing pink and you go, “that owner is totally spoiling their dog.”

The message pink sends is one of confidence, individuality, and just a touch of spoiled. If there is a better color to describe the very essence of my being, I have yet to find it. But you can bet if (or when) I do, it’ll be Vintage’s primary color.

Also, check out that Philadelphia skyline. That’s what my soul looks like inside, I am pretty sure. Anyway, enjoy the new design. It’s near and dear to my (probably pink) heart. Certainly, it matches my pink sweater. One of them, anyway.

A More Mobile Vintage

January 6th, 2013

I published my first blog post here at Vintage in 2001, a time when the average screen resolution was a mere 1024×768 and smartphones were nothing more than a sci-fi concept. Times have changed, and the blog has slowly been redesigned and adapted to meet those changes. From increasing design widths to Web 2.0 compatibility and social media integration, Vintage has been through the ringer. Now it’s going a step further.

For the First Time, the Blog is Mobile and Retina-Friendly

My friends, family, and colleagues can now enjoy a much better and more robust experience using this website on their smartphones and tablet devices. Smartphones are treated to a responsive, single-column, touch-friendly design. Modeled after the desktop version of the site, this new design uses retina graphics for iPhone and iPod Touch users, and standard graphics for the less privileged.

For my friends and family members with an iPad, the full version of the website will load. Retina graphics will be used for those with the iPad 3 or 4, while all iPad users will enjoy a streamlined, touch-friendly experience. Other slight design modifications have been made specifically for the iPad as well, including a new background image for smaller screens. Retina graphics will also display on retina-enabled Macs!

Users of all devices will benefit from a new, streamlined navigation, an improved search experience, and other code clean-ups. Overall, it’s a fresher, more 2013 experience. And, to make the point, this entire entry has been posted via the WordPress app on a brand new iPad 4.

Happy (mobile) new year!

A New Vintage with CSS3

June 11th, 2012

The blog has been missing in action for the past few weeks, but that was due to some shifts in hosting and other things which have resulted in an overall better behind-the-scenes and out-in-front operation. I’ve been hard at work giving the blog its first major / total overhaul since the release of “Vintage Urban” in 2009. As part of this, I have fully transitioned to CSS3 for the blog.

The big benefit of using CSS3 over its 2.1 predecessor is that there are some major design elements that no longer require images. The use of CSS3 actually enables me to create rounded corners, partial transparency, and drop shadows, without opening up Photoshop first. While this is super efficient for me when I’m designing, it’s also really great for page load times in major web browsers. People on mobile devices and laptops alike will notice a more responsive site.

Another big part of this recent redo is that the sidebar is now a really important part of the website itself. It displays social media information on the homepage, archive sorting information throughout the archive pages, and entry comments on the single-post pages within WordPress. This is a great way to get more information above the fold, which is something I’ve been committed to throughout each iteration of the blog’s designs over the past decade.

Overall, things are moving solidly in the direction of 2012 web design here at Vintage. I will soon be embarking on a big, pain-in-the-ass project to convert the XHTML 1.1 layout of the site to HTML5, which offers even more benefits in terms of semantics, optimization, and mobile compatibility.

Until then, enjoy the refreshing new design and bookmark me. I’ll be blogging, every now and then…
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