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  • The Solid Northeast

    The Solid Northeast

    You know, K and I aren’t really “pride people.” We’re just not that kind of gay. You won’t find us carrying the sea-to-sea Key West pride flag, or attending the Philly Pride parade, or dancing on a float, or anything like that. We’re totally proud of who we are, and we’re glad that we were […]

  • Talent is Talent

    Talent is Talent

    A couple months ago, when Michael Sam publicly came out, there were all kinds of theories about how this would affect his future. The consensus was this: Coming out was “controversial,” and it clearly indicated that Sam was desperate for publicity. It showed that he was selfish, determined to break a barrier just for the […]

  • Move the Olympics

    Move the Olympics

    In exactly six months, the Winter Olympics will kick off in Sochi, Russia, and we’ll all be tuned in to watch everything from moguls to freestyle snowboarding and beyond. I’m actually a really big fan of the Winter Olympics, perhaps an even bigger fan than their summertime counterpart every four years. This year, though, I’m […]

  • Down with DOMA

    Down with DOMA

    When I was ten years old, and Bill Clinton was president, the Republican-controlled Congress passed a law known as the Defense of Marriage Act. The law was passed as a reaction to Hawaii’s assertion at the time that nothing prevented them from marrying gay couples and making same-sex marriage into legal contractual affairs identical to […]

  • Another Year, More Progress

    Another Year, More Progress

    In the United States, June is LGBT History Month. At least, it has been under our last two Democratic presidents. It’s also the month that features the highest concentration of pride parades around the country, including Capital Pride in DC, Philly Pride in Philadelphia, and NYC Pride in Manhattan. The year that has elapsed since […]

  • Portman Thoughts

    Portman Thoughts

    Last week, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a conservative Republican, announced in an editorial that he was officially changing his position on marriage equality. For the entirety of his political career until that point, Portman was a typical Republican. He believed that marriage was between a man and a woman, that there were no exceptions available, […]