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  • The Solid Northeast

    The Solid Northeast

    You know, K and I aren’t really “pride people.” We’re just not that kind of gay. You won’t find us carrying the sea-to-sea Key West pride flag, or attending the Philly Pride parade, or dancing on a float, or anything like that. We’re totally proud of who we are, and we’re glad that we were […]

  • Pennsylvania Welcomes You

    Pennsylvania Welcomes You

    It’s moving day in the Mid-Atlantic! After months of job searching, interviewing, succeeding, and packing, the time has come for K and I to pack the moving truck and drive north. The big move has finally arrived, and we’re more than ready to move into our new home in the Main Line community of Devon, […]

  • My Out-of-Delaware Demand

    My Out-of-Delaware Demand

    When Korey was looking for jobs in Pennsylvania, I had one requirement above and beyond the Philadelphia-centric geography. No matter the job that eventually, inevitably ended up hiring him, we had to make sure that we lived near a SEPTA regional rail or a PATCO station. As in, close enough for a brisk walk or […]

  • Departure Announcement: So Long, Delaware

    Departure Announcement: So Long, Delaware

    For the past two years, K and I have resided in the state of Delaware. The state variously bills itself as a “small wonder” and the “first state.” The road signs that greet visitors along Delaware’s borders note that “it’s good being first.” The problem, though, is that for the past two years Korey and […]

  • Embracing the Unthinkable

    Embracing the Unthinkable

    K and I differ in a number of pretty significant ways, but we are united on at least one front: Both of us set our sights on things outside the borders of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, determined that grass would be greener on the other side of the state line. I fled to North Carolina […]