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  • What a Letdown!

    What a Letdown!

    Maybe I watch too much TV and too many movies, but I had expected my life to come to this moment where I proposed to the love my life and there were automatic fireworks, a national holiday, a ticker tape parade…alas, that didn’t happen. So, you know, my gayish tendency toward theatrics was a bit […]

  • Business Burn-Out

    Business Burn-Out

    One of the unfortunate things about being a 20-something in the 2010s is that finding a job has been nearly impossible. At least for people this age in the United States. As a result of the absolutely awful economy several years ago, I decided to make my own job by starting my own business. Digital […]

  • Pennsylvania Welcomes You

    Pennsylvania Welcomes You

    It’s moving day in the Mid-Atlantic! After months of job searching, interviewing, succeeding, and packing, the time has come for K and I to pack the moving truck and drive north. The big move has finally arrived, and we’re more than ready to move into our new home in the Main Line community of Devon, […]

  • Summer Holiday

    Summer Holiday

    I’m not the kind of person who likes to brag, but — oh wait, yes I am. The blog will probably be devoid of written banter and full of Instagram pull-ins for the next week as I enjoy a relaxing stay on Oak Island in North Carolina. It’s my first time in the Carolinas since […]

  • My Out-of-Delaware Demand

    My Out-of-Delaware Demand

    When Korey was looking for jobs in Pennsylvania, I had one requirement above and beyond the Philadelphia-centric geography. No matter the job that eventually, inevitably ended up hiring him, we had to make sure that we lived near a SEPTA regional rail or a PATCO station. As in, close enough for a brisk walk or […]

  • Down with DOMA

    Down with DOMA

    When I was ten years old, and Bill Clinton was president, the Republican-controlled Congress passed a law known as the Defense of Marriage Act. The law was passed as a reaction to Hawaii’s assertion at the time that nothing prevented them from marrying gay couples and making same-sex marriage into legal contractual affairs identical to […]