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  • Why Bother Leaving the Corridor?

    I’m not really a provincial person and I love to travel. I love new things, I love new people, and I will eat my way through every exotic beach if I absolutely must. That being said, I’m of a slightly different mind when it comes to things within my own country. The United States is […]

  • We Heard About That On CNN

    I’m a liberal, and that means that I have to vote for Democrats every two years if I want my votes to count for anything. Of course, I’m more than happy to oblige if it means that things like climate protection, gay rights, immigration reform, and the separation of church and state are furthered or […]

  • Checkout and Check Out

    I know that the line at the supermarket is called the “checkout lane” but is it really necessary for customers to pay for their groceries in 2013 by using a paper check? I mean, really, could we get just a bit more archaic? Maybe you should show up to the supermarket with 14 buffalo skins […]

  • Recent Things and Such and Etc.

    Recent Things and Such and Etc.

    I have this whole thing going on lately where the prominence of my busy workdays, involved personal life, and general pursuit of happiness (like an American!) has left me roughly three minutes each day with which to craft a blog post. Everyone knows that these masterpieces I create involve at least seven minutes of work, […]

  • On Coming Out and Modern Times

    On Coming Out and Modern Times

    I have a couple friends who, okay, this might offend some people, but they can’t match an outfit. They can’t shop. They don’t even talk with a lisp or a limp wrist. I think they might be straight, but I don’t want to offend them by asking if they’re straight. I mean, it’s not a […]

  • On Chick-Fil-A

    So, I’m going to say some things that will probably force me to get my Gay Card revoked by the World Gay Authority, but I long ago decided that I didn’t need to be a card-carrying member of “the community” to be happy, fulfilled, and in the company of my boyfriend (even if he did […]